During the last couple of years, we have been touring and exhibiting continuously throughout many parts of the world.We have been guests at some extraordinary places and venues. The people we have met, and the footprints we have followed on this long journey, have sunk deep into our unreliable memory. We have decided to stop traveling for a while; to stop for a picnic at the roadside and focus more sharply on creating new works. In our Oslo studio, we are starting to warm up material, looking for new things to surface in the vast sea of appearances and disappearances.This is the indefinite beginning of a new project, alarmingly fragile and always subject to collapse. The wake of burnedout motors and electrical components is getting longer each day.


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The Currency Building

In November and December 2011 we rounded up 2 years of continuously touring with a remarkably nice project in Kolkata, India, We stayed in Kolkata for 6 busy weeks. If you like you can have a peek into this experience here



Photos from our stay in Kolkata