Article for VIS - Nordic Journal for Artistic Research January 2019



Essay on Verdensteatret by Kristian Skylstad


"Verdensteatrets’ Symphony of the Senses"

Essay on Verdensteatret by Elisabeth Leinslie

"A Situation in the Machine"

A text on Verdensteatret by Zhang Ga

Interview for Theater der Zeit 

interview / Arbeitsbuch 2010 heft Nr. 7/8 

"Imagination and Memory in the Theatrical Place"

Dr. art. Anita Hammer, Associate Professor of Theatre Studies, Oslo, Norway
English text

"Minne og imaginasjon i teatrale rom" 

Av Dr. art. Anita Hammer, Førsteamanuensis i teatervitenskap, UiO.
Norwegian text 

"Flotsam of the Future"

A text on Verdensteatret by Jon Refsdal Moe

"Verdensteatret og kunsten å være i bevegelse"

A text on Verdensteatret by Elisabeth Leinslie (in norwegian)

"Performative Installasjoner"

A text related to Verdensteatret by Elisabeth Leinslie (also in norwegian)

"Performance-teater og Dramaturgi"

Thesis for master degree about "Concert for Greenland" from the University of Oslo, by E. Leinslie
(in norwegian)

Conversation with Lisbeth Bodd and Asle Nilsen

Read a transcript of a conversation between L.isbeth Bodd, Asle Nilsen, a critic, a fine artist and an academic.