Selected rewievs and essay of : Broen over Gjørme

Selected reviews an essay  ///

Selected rewievs of : And All the Questionmarks Started to Sing

Selected reviews  ///


Review of The Telling Orchestra ///  By Solveig Lønmo, Adresseavisen 11.12.2008

Selected rewievs of louder

Selected reviews of louder ///

Selected rewievs of Consert for Greenland

Selected rewievs of Conscert for Greenland ///

Advanced Theatre at  Black Box Theatre

Review of TSALAL /// By Bengt Calmeyer, Dagsavisen 17.01.2002

"Ethnic voices caress and collide" 

Review of RÉgla /// Dagens Nyheter, 08.10.2000

"Postcolonial shadows"

Review of RÈgla /// Hufvudstadsbladet, Helsinki 28.09.2000

"Timless echoes and shadows" 

Review of RÈgla. /// by Grete Indal, Klassekanpen, 08.11.99

"Relaxed and disorderd Sofokles"

Review of Philoktetes ///  By Martin Nystrøm, Dagens Nyheter, Stockholl, 17.03.1999

"Interpid on myths"

Review of Orfeo /// By Therese Bjørnebo

"Heiner Müller against Aiskylos?"

Review from 7 Against Thebes /// by Egmontas Jansonas,  Diena, 14.12.1994 (translated critics, Lithuania)