"During the ride we heard the screen rip
And watched the images crash into each other
The forest burned in EASTMAN COLOUR
But the voyage had no arrival NO PARKING
At the only crossroad Polyphemos
Controlled the traffic with his one eye
Our port was a dead movie house"

This performance is a fusion between Aiskylos "7 against Thebes" and the text of Heiner Müllers "Landscape with Argonauts". Aiskylos drama describe a city in moral dissolution as the enemy besieger the city and stands outside the seven gates of Thebes, and further the blood-stained logic of the civil war. "Landscape with Argonauts" is the last part of Müller's "Lost Coast Medeamaterial Landscape With Argonauts" and describes the western civilization-process as a conquest

Aiskylos: The 7 Against Thebe and Heiner Müller Landscape with Argonauts.

Music: Biosphere

Jan Grønli, Erik Øksnes, Sverre Willberg, Nina Woxholt, Vanessa Baird, Erling Borgen, Asle Nilsen, Lisbeth J. Bodd, Preben Faye Schjøll, Audun Strype, Morten Pettersen, Inger Johanne Byhring. 
Nils Christian Boberg, Sigitas Rackys, Arvydas Dapsys, Gabija Jaraminaité, Ceslovas Iskauskas.

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VIDEO // Live documentation

video performance 7 against Thebes