Article for VIS - Nordic Journal for Artistic Research January 2019


Essay on Verdensteatret by Kristian Skylstad

“HANNAH : The Newest Unidentied Art Piece Of Verdensteatret”

Interview in MANIFESTO XXI MAGAZINE 2018 (english PDF)

Interview in MANIFESTO XXI MAGAZINE 2018 (french)

"Verdensteatrets’ Symphony of the Senses"

Essay on Verdensteatret by Elisabeth Leinslie

"A Situation in the Machine"

A text on Verdensteatret by Zhang Ga

Interview for Theater der Zeit 

Interview / Arbeitsbuch 2010 heft Nr. 7/8 

"Imagination and Memory in the Theatrical Place"

Dr. art. Anita Hammer, Associate Professor of Theatre Studies, Oslo, Norway
English text

"Minne og imaginasjon i teatrale rom" 

Av Dr. art. Anita Hammer, Førsteamanuensis i teatervitenskap, UiO.
Norwegian text 

"Flotsam of the Future"

A text on Verdensteatret by Jon Refsdal Moe

"Verdensteatret og kunsten å være i bevegelse"

A text on Verdensteatret by Elisabeth Leinslie (in norwegian)

"Performative Installasjoner"

A text related to Verdensteatret by Elisabeth Leinslie (also in norwegian)

"Performance-teater og Dramaturgi"

Thesis for master degree about "Concert for Greenland" from the University of Oslo, by E. Leinslie
(in norwegian)

Conversation with Lisbeth Bodd and Asle Nilsen

Read a transcript of a conversation between L.isbeth Bodd, Asle Nilsen, a critic, a fine artist and an academic.