VERDENSTEATRET was in 1993 finishing the work with the "October triology". 
This work started in 1990, with "Wednesday 13th of October" and continued in 1992, with "Thursday 14th of October", and brought to a close in 1993 with "Friday 15th of October".

Each part has been shown seperatly in different places in Norway, and in other European countries such as Finland, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain. The parts has also been shown together


Part 1: Wednesday the 13th of October

Subtitle: "I would very much like to tell you a story that is often in my mind, but which I have forgotten."

The setting is an abstract installation/sculpture containing a rectangular platform with a pool and a backwall of constantly running water. This gives an (over) aesthetic surface contrasted by the brutality of the performers.

Music is composed specially for the performance by the Norwegian composer Rune Rebne. 
The text is taken from: M. Duras, H.B. Tristam, C. Bukowski and Cecilie Løveid.

Lisbeth J. Bodd, Asle Nilsen, Anne Gjems, Corinne Campos, Manolo Canteria, Karstein Solli, 
Eugene Janpolsky, Marius Kjos, Petter Steen, Rune Rebne, Runa Fønne. 

Co-production with: 
Black Box Theatre, Oslo and BIT Teatergarasjen. Bergen.

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Part 2: Thursday the 14th of October

Subtitle: "One must be alone and free from all human contact if one wish to embark upon an intellectual task.


This performance is more based on text and has less dance-sequenses than the first part. The performance takes up questions regarding art and the artists (August Strindberg). It is performed with much humour and irony. The setting is dominated by a huge landscape-painting, and the entire room has an atmosphere of a museum.

The text is from: A.Strinberg, T.Bernhard, S.Beckett, V.Baird. 
Music: Yma Sumac

Lisbeth J. Bodd, Asle Nilsen, Manolo Canteria, Bo Christer Wahlstrøm, Vanessa Baird, Håkon Hegnar, Alesandra Boguslawski,
Corinne Campos, Helge Fromreide, Anne Gjems, Roger Wahl, Inge Dalmann, Rune Mikal Vindal

Co-production with: 
Black Box Theatre, Oslo and BIT Teatergarasjen. Bergen.

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PÅ NORSKE SCENER (1992) Extract from Thursday 14 October


Part 3: Friday the 15th of October


This production again contains elements of playing with theatrical conventions. 
As in the other two parts it contains bittersweet irony, brutality, humour as well as visual beauty. The text is performed both directly and sometimes pharaphrased over and commented. The performers alterntate from reading, making digressions, to private stories more in the manner of "stand- up comedy". 
The dramaturgy is based on musical composition rather than a literary. 
The various music is mixed by Verdensteatret with Handels cantata "Lucretia" as the main theme. 
The dance-sequenses are a violent mixture of different techniques. 
The texts are from: T.Bernhard, H. Ibsen, Shakespeare, Almodovar and Puccini (La Boheme)

Lisbeth J. Bodd, Asle Nilsen, Corinne Campos, Manolo Canteria, 
Vanessa Baird,  Gomi Khawar Sadeq, Håkon Hegnar, Alexandra Bugoslawski, 
Petter Steen,  Jean Vincent Kerebel.

Co-production with: 
Black Box Theatre, Oslo and BIT Teatergarasjen. Bergen.

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