2003 - 2005

Concert For Greenland


“ That corpse you planted last year in your garden, has it began to sprout  ?”

Concert  for Greenland is an audio-visual composition where rusty mechanics meet new technology on the backside of a “video-shadow-theatre” on Greenland. A performance/installation/concert where visual art, sound, video, installation, text and theatre try to unite into one composition. 

The background for Concert for Greenland is a journey Verdensteatret made to Greenland and other north-Atlantic islands in 2003.Greenland is like an enormous shadow on the European map. Hiding other landscapes and other stories.The ambivalent impressions we often felt during our stay in Greenland have changed into a deep fascination

Artists involved in Concert for Greenland:
Asle Nilsen, Lisbeth J. Bodd, Håkon Lindbäck, Piotr Pajchel, Petter Steen, Ali Djabbary, Per Flink Basse, Erik Balke, Corinne Campos, Øyvind B. Lyse, Lars Øyno, Bergmund Skaaslien, Trond Lossius, Morten Pettersen, Kenneth K. Langås, Ulf Knudsen, Christian Blom

Co-production with:
Black Box Theatre / Oslo, Norway




VIDEO // Installation documentation

video duration 30 min / performance duration 55 min / Download video clip