2001 - 2002



In May 2001 we travelled from Kiev via Odessa and crossed the Black Sea to Istanbul. This journey is the landscape of TSALAL. TSALAL lies somewhere between a concert and a “live 3-dimensional painting”, ore more like both at the same time. It reflects the journey on several levels simultaneously. It mirrors the actual trip with train through Ukraina, down to Odessa, -crossing the black sea and down the Bosporus strait into Istanbul on the small russian passenger-ship Gloria. But the structure and artistic expression of the performance makes it feel more like the unconscious experience of travelling at large, or the memory of it rebuilt through dreams. On still another level it’s an expedition through a sound-scape and through language

Participants in TSALAL:  
Asle Nilsen, Håkon Lindbäck, Lisbeth J. Bodd, Per Flink Basse, Trond Lossius,Lars Øyno, Mara Oldenburg, Ali Djabbary, Petter Steen, Marius Kjos, Øyvind B. Lyse, Ken Theodorsen, Reinert Mithassel, Kenneth K. Langås, Antti Bjørn

Co-production with: 
Black Box Theatre / Oslo, Norway




VIDEO // Live documentation

video duration 5 min / performance duration 50 min / Download video clip