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"RÉGLA" is a vigorous collection of sensuous material. Scenic pictures arise from the white installation/room, cutting the minimalism and attracts attention with its organic forms. Surrealistic furniture-like forms covered with shells and corals in heaps as if retrieved out of the ruins of an abandoned manor or shipwreck. Video pictures of traffic-filled streets and graveyards are projected across the white furniture forms and create dark shadows that move the scenic images. Whenever sound, light and image melt together, the scenic picture breaks loose from the performers' control and transform the stage to a steaming and breathing organism. Régla conveys clear references to visual arts. The loose dramaturgy causes the eyes to coincidentally dwell upon elements of the image and shakes up the interactive relationship between audience and performer. The audience observe the performers as they construct the images. In Régla an intercultural landscape is reconstructed. Musical movements and historical textmaterial melt together into a theatrical hybrid of cultural elements and historical events. The material moves across large geographical areas and transform history and tradition. Words are thrown out and return as echoes of colonialism and war, revolution and freedom. Funny images turn to torture and abuse in visually explosive scenic images. In Régla Verdensteatret moves from the more analytical focus of earlier works and opens up for sensory depths with layers of information that the audience must decode on their own. (excerpts from articles and critics)

"On an embankment overgrown with grass two boys are piecing together something between steam engine and locomotive that is resting on a disused piece of railway track.
I, the European, see at first sight that their effort is in vain: this vehicle will not move, but I don't tell the children, work is hope, and walk on into the landscape that has no other work than to wait for the disappearance of mankind. Now I know my vocation. I throw off my clothes, the exterior is of no issue here anymore. One day THE OTHER will walk towards me, the antipode, the doppelganger with my face of snow. One of us will survive."


Participators in Régla:
Per Flink Basse, Lisbeth J.Bodd, Martin Døving, Runa Fønne, Ulf Knudsen, Martin Lundberg, Asle Nilsen, Mara Oldenburg, Morten Pettersen, Preben Faye Schjøll, Petter Steen, Maria Vagle,Øyvind Wahl, Lars Øyno, m.fl. 

Co-production with: 
Black Box Theatre / Oslo, Norway


VIDEO // Live documentation