2004 - 2006

The Telling Orchestra


The Telling Orchestra (Fortellerorkesteret) is a room-installation. An electro-mechanical construction that function as an audio-visual ”animation-machine”. By use of different motors and robotics the ”primitive” wooden construction has become automatic and is programmed and run by computers. All the moving figures/objects, the sounds, all the visual parts, (video, light, mirroring images, etc) are run by computers. The installation can be viewed as a machine, as one complex instrument, or as a whole orchestra with many voices and tunes, many shapes and many stories.

The Telling Orchestra has gone through a constant development for almost three years and has become a very advanced and complex construction. The original concept and choice of material came first from our journey on Greenland in 2003 and partly from a sequence in the performance Concert for Greenland. It has now become a true telling orchestra that we can play almost anything on. It can produce music like an orchestra, it can produce complex visual sequences, mechanical ballets, shadowplay, twisted mirror projections, pure abstractions, literary stories, psychological relations between bonefragments, religious visions from the roadside, shipwrecks and machine romance…and so on forever.It is also a sculpture, -and a machine with the ability to change the room it is placed in, in a split second.

The artists who made The Telling Orchestra:
Asle Nilsen, Lisbeth J. Bodd, Håkon Lindbäck, Piotr Pajchel, Christian Blom

Other artists connected to the work: Trond Lossius, HC. Gilje, Bergmund Skaslien


VIDEO // Installation documentation

video duration 25 min / Installation duration 40 min / Download video clip