Philoktetes is a staged reading first shown in Oslo in 1996. It is a study of the text Philoktetes by the American writer John Jesurun.

The text Philoktetes is based on a tragedy with the same name  written by Sophocle. Sophocle tells us about the Greek warrior Philoktetes who during the conquest of Troy was bitten by a snake and left behind by Odysseus on the island of Lemnos. 
After ten years Odysseus returns to the island, accompanied by the young Neoptolemos. 
Their meeting is in Jesuruns text described as an autopsi of a dying persons life and an imperialistic war that leads nowhere. In a private conquest Odysseus returns to the crime scene. In a humid hotelroom in the backwaters of the empire the imperialist is learning the language of the dead.


Antti Bjørn, Lisbeth Bodd, Morten Cranner, Jean Vincent Kerebel, Marius Kjos, Ulf Knudsen, Martin Lundberg, Asle Nilsen, Halldis Olafsdottir, Morten Pettersen, Ellen Røed,  Petter Steen

Co-production with:
BIT Teatergarasjen / Bergen, Norway

VIDEO // Live documentation

video duration 1h 25 min